Welcome to your one-stop-shop for vintage ski-doo parts. 2016 marks my 6th year of full time operations and I'm loving every minute of it.  Before the big switch to doing this full time I'd been making vintage ski-doo seats for 10 years, which means I've been at this for almost 16 years now.  Somewhere in the middle there I started selling reproduction parts and that lead to me buying my first ski doo parts inventory from an old dealership in 2009.  Since then I've bought many more dealers both big and small.  And even though the NOS parts are limited I still have a large inventory of them and rew reproduction parts coming out all the time and that inludes my buy out Spaulding Vintage Snowmobiles.

Ordering from Gooseland is now automated!
I have created an online store so you can now order all most all of my parts online, and this includes all of the Spaulding products. Just click the image below to start shopping.

If there is something you need that you don't see please contact me via email or give me a call at 612-462-3994. I accept PayPal, credit cards and checks or MOs.  Plus by contacting me dirreclty I can help make sure you get the right parts


Goose buys Spaulding Vintage Snowmobiles

On 9-1-2016 I closed the deal to buy out Greg Spaulding's entire vintage ski-doo parts divison.  Check out the site!

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Here are a couple of my favorie all time sites that I now host
Bob's TNT page  and The Elan page 


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