1970 Blizzard

In mid October, there was an announcement that delivery of the Blizzards will start in 2 weeks. Ski-Doo planned on producing the required 100 sleds of each model. They planned on having them all distributed by December 1, 1969. But, because of the time needed to distribute the sleds, dealers might not have there sleds by that date.

It was thought that the Blizzards were only to complete in the mod classes. But as it would be with the fact that the 292 and 340 Blizzards were produced in time and met the required number of sleds made. It was allowed to race in the stock class providing they replace the standard open expansion pipe, with a muffler. Doug's Inc. located in Virginia, MN. produced a tuned muffer for the sleds. More or less it was just a megaphone pipe enclosed in a canister with a seperate tuned tailpipe. It did fit the stock exhaust flange on the cylinder and exited on the right side by the drivers foot.

The 292 and 340 dominate their stock classes for several seasons as well as mod classes.

The 292 and 340 were based on the 15" T'NT chassis, while the 440, 640 and 776 used the 18" T'NT chassis. They all had slide rail suspension. The belly pans were made out a new plastic. The 15" Blizzards had yellow pans while the 18" had black belly pans. They worked good at first but after a few races the fuel tanks were falling though the pans. It was found that spilled gas, cleaning or aromatic solvents was turning the pans to dust. Ski-Doo quickly replaced the pans with fiberglass.

The hoods was the basic shape of the T'NTs with large air scoops and ducts to force air directly on the free-air motors. They had low windshields and no headlight or taillights.

All the Blizzard motors were free-airs with one Tillotson carb and one tuned pipe per cylinder. The 292 and 340 were single cylinders. The 440, 640 and 776 were twins with 440 using a different crankcase than the 640 and 776. This was also the first time Ski-Doo used Bosch's CDI ignition system. It really was quite an advancement, but it failed about 80% of the time.

1970 Blizzard 292 & 340

1970 Blizzard 440

1970 Blizzard 640 & 776

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